Having spent 9 years focussing Operations and Marketing in the Oil and Gas Industry, I left the space in 2017 and focussed on building experience in software development and design.

This journey started in 2015 with the incorporation of Dev 200 in Cape Town, South Africa with a close friend. The company is still active today and has delivered large scale projects for clients like the World Health Organization. In 2018 I stepped back from the business on a operational level to pursue my interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Formal Education

Subject Matter Institution Year
Web Development University of Cape Town 2016
Project Management University of Cape Town 2016
Digital Marketing University of Cape Town 2016
Digital Currency University of Nicosia 2018
Graphic Design University of Cape Town 2016
Solidity (Ethereum) Udemy 2018
Photography The Photography Institute 2011

Short Courses

Subject Matter Institution Year
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Google 2018
Content Promotion Google 2018
Customer Segmentation Google 2018
SEO Google 2019
Basics of Machine Learning Google 2019
Getting Started with Python Google 2019