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Last updated on April 23, 2021

Knowing Your Audience

The first thing you want to do is consider who you want to attract to your account by building a profile of the targets you want to attract.

  • Are they Professionals / Enthusiasts / Hobbyists etc.
  • Income bracket?
  • What sort of products do these people use?
  • Do they use mobile or desktops more?
  • Do they prefer a specific type of OS?
  • Are they followers of specific pollitical ideals?
  • Do they follow a specific religion?

Alternatively, you could choose a known leader within the target audience and simply go to their twitter profile.

👆 This will be the approach I take in this tutorial.

Since we’re using the easy way to do this in the tutorial, I’ll propose that @ImTwittur wants to find great food related accounts, and wants to attract fellow food lovers to their account.

Gordon Ramsay is a pretty well known and respected chef and celebrity, so I’ll start this process with him.

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